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Hand Painted Macrame Braided Cord

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Super Bulky Macrame Braided Cord 

YarnArt Macrame Cord 3 mm is a tightly Hand Painted braided macrame cord that does not slip out of hand while working. It has a wide range of colors. Thanks to its cotton content, Macrame Cord 3 mm has a soft and smooth texture. You can design wall decorations, cushion covers, mats, rugs, curtains, flower pots, baskets and bags with different macrame techniques.


This yarn is produced from regenerated materials (recycled cotton fiber). Due to the structure of the product, there may be difference in color tones of balls produced at different times. We kindly recommend that you purchase enough products for your project in a single order.


Content: 60% Cotton - 40% Viscose & Polyester
Weight: 250 g 
Lenght: 85 m